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Getting Started

Welcome to the Galileo API Documentation


The Service-Token header field provides authentication to the account that actions are performed against. As a result, all requests must contain a Service-Token header field. Alternatively, you can use a serviceToken query parameter in requests.


GET /version HTTP/1.1
Service-Token: my-service-token


Response Format

There are two response formats -- success and error.


Upon a successful call, the format of response will be as follows.

  "results": [ Object ],
  "totalCount": Integer,
  "currentPage": Integer

Note: This is the case even for single result responses.

Field Description
results Array of resultant objects in the page.
totalCount Total number of resultant objects.
currentPage The current page represented in the results.


Upon error, the response will be structured as follows.

  "code": String,
  "message": String,
  "errors": [
      "name": "title",
      "errors": ["cannot be empty", "too long"]
Field Description
code Error code. Typically HTTP response error code and internal error code. i.e. 400.001
message Short, descriptive message for the error.
errors Array of form field error objects, or null.

Form Field Error

Field Description
name Field name of error.
errors Array of error strings.